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Founded in 2012, Utopia Goods, designed by Bruce Slorach and Sophie Tatlow, produces unique handcrafted home furnishings and quality interior fabrics inspired by native Australian botanicals.

Utopia Goods’s award-winning hand-printed textiles and interior furnishings combine hand painted illustrations with traditional screen-printing techniques to produce a collection of highly covetable, ethically produced designs.

From the textile print’s illustrative inception, through to the woven process and final silk screen print, each fabric is carefully managed and overseen by the small and passionate team. Entirely printed by hand, each piece is produced in India, honouring the tradition of India’s textile craft and the history of the decorative arts. Drawing inspiration from Australia’s earth, ocean and air, each collectible print brings awareness to the beauty and fragility of the landscape and a timely reminder of our exquisite and precious surrounds.

Utopia Goods has been featured in the best fashion and design magazines across the world. Notably selected as one of the 50 best designers in 50 years for Vogue Australia, and the eye-popping products have been featured in House and Garden, Inside Out, US Vogue, Domino, and Martha Stewart. Utopia Goods fabrics and custom carpets have been used in some of the most prestigious buildings and homes in Australia and around the world, including Government House in New South Wales, Christian Louboutin in Miami, The Star Hotel, Sydney, and the soft furnishings fit-out for The Lodge in Canberra.

Life’s too short for grey.

In Special News:

In 2021, Utopia Goods will launch a brand-new collection of woven Performance Fabrics. Woven in Pennsylvania, USA using completely recycled yarn, these stunning robust, UV stable fabrics are perfectly suited to large scale interior and architecture projects and will feature Utopia Goods’s covetable native flora and fauna designs in their signature landscape-soaked colour palettes.


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