Country strong: inside the new campaign for Utopia Goods

Since its arrival on the scene in 2012, Utopia Goods has gained a status usually only reached after decades...

Heirloom Furniture That Lasts a Lifetime

The Utopia Goods Paradise fabric packs a printastic-punch with colour and detail on this...

Welcome to our Fabric Fantasy Store

Housed in a heritage terrace, the warm space has worn wooden floorboards, flowers in...

Painting Exhibition: Flora

In March 2016, Bruce Slorach exhibited at Saint Cloche Gallery in Paddington, Sydney (a sell out show!)...

From Paint to Textile Print

Creating a textile print collection from scratch can be a long creative process. First, there's...

Print Pioneers

Intended for use in the foyers of the Sydney Opera House, the 'New Angle' sofa was manufactured in 1967-68 by...

The Fabric of Utopian Society

Every print references an aspect of Australian flora, fauna, history or the unique antipodean landscape. 

It’s a Direction Not a Destination

  Derived from the sixteenth century, Thomas Moore book, Utopia, the word itself describes the perfect state or ideal society.

Hop To It

The New Zealanders have their needle-nosed kiwi, the Chinese have the panda, the Americans have their eagle and the Canadians have their buck-toothed beaver. 

The House of Pineapple

Good enough to sleep in? Prickly on the outside, sweet on the inside, Pineapples are a significant piece of Australian fruit culture. 

Tree Huggers

Good enough to eat. As any koala will tell you, the Eucalyptus not only looks good but tastes good too. 

Can You Bear It

More recognisable than most Australian icons, including ‘Our Bridge’ and the Sydney Opera House, the fuzzy Koala is the most represented Australian icon.
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